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Apply to become a recipient and you could have your entire student loan debt eliminated!

How does Five92 work?

Five92 is on a mission to end student loan debt. Each month, it’s backers contribute $5.92 or more to help this mission. These funds are then used to pay off student loan debt of applicants who have gone through an official interview process with the Five92 team. Recipients are selected by a multitude of factors, but ultimately we look for people who are making a positive difference in their community and workplace.

Can I apply to be a recipient?

Yes! Anyone with student loan debt can apply. Please fill out the above form and you’ll be automatically entered as an applicant.

How does Five92 choose the recipients?

Our system automatically selects 10 applicants at random and those applicants are then asked to submit a short video essay. The Five92 team reviews the video essays and selects a recipient based on a variety of factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to: the applicant’s current situation, impact potential if student loan debt is eliminated, loan delinquency history, leadership qualities, and pay-it-forward potential.