We dream big &
want to change the world

Our mission is simple: Eliminate student loan debt

Meet Christina.

There was a feeling that Christina had for years after graduating college. It wasn’t a good feeling, and usually came with a lot of anxiety – “How am I going to repay this massive amount of student loan debt?” Christina had been sending monthly payments of over $600 for about five years to Sallie Mae and her loan balance didn’t seem to move. On a brisk fall day in 2015, the feeling that she had for so long finally made its way to an idea: Find a way to end student loan debt.

After over a year of research and talking with people all over the United States, Christina found that everyone wants to help solve this issue, but no one knows where to start. That’s when she put the pieces together and founded Five92. By using the power of crowdfunding and the desire to help, we could actually start fixing this problem.

Founded in 2016

Christina founded Five92 in 2016 after conducting research and interviews for over a year.


Our mission is to recruit 10,000,000 backers to help us eliminate student loan debt.

We Believe

If the anchor of debt is broken, people will live more fulfilled and productive lives.